Sacred Creation Scared Reaction

In reexamining the go-to-market of one of my ventures, I’m oft drawn to examining my personal alignment and am finding it difficult to strike a balance between the messages needed and/or obvious to align with to spread the word v. the messages that come from and form the ethos of my vision. VitalLock was born out of a series of events that can be viewed as both failures and successes, depending on ones vantage point, and more importantly on ones outlook.


Though it is easy to derive messaging that preys on the many uncertainties of life and indeed it is in the soil of those fears in part that the seeds of creation were planted, the fact remains, that the DNA of these seeds of creation is, much like our own, something we can neither take credit for, nor do we know for certain of its first origins.

Looking back at old photographs on a recent visit to my father shed light on both the complexity and potentials of this endeavor. There in the sepia toned photos stood relatives of some import. I quickly flip each photo to garner some faded hen-scratched insight as to who was standing there and why had my ancestors thought enough of these folk as to save their light reflections as such.

How disappointing to find no or illegible writings, certainly I share their underlying genotypical code and obviously their phenotypical expressions, but just how much of their wisdom their essence their being do I reflect? I feel for them, unknown, in a bundle, in a box, in a closet. This alone was enough to set out a mission to accomplish for my descendants so that they may know and benefit from their heritage.

You see I have seven children of my own and two step-daughters, nine in total, all of whom place their daily trust in me and all of whom I hope to share the remainder of my life with and on some level my afterlife with. VitalLock begins to answer the scared reaction question my wife at times poses “What would happen to us if something happens to you?” If only to start, with this release we begin the journey of delivering a platform upon which we can build solutions to these and other inter and trans-generational conundrums.

It is a result of this quest to give more than we take that we founded the service on a variety of technological advances so as to be able to fulfill the myriad of unfolding missions at hand (see the lists on our site). These promises demand ensuring that the underlying substrate would not fade, that the writings would not smudge, that the medium would not crack or flake or stick and that future generations may learn from ours.

Those photos went back into the box, they remain at my father’s home, they belong to him but if it were not for their form, I’m certain that he would offer and we would enjoy having access to and finding out more about those therein by sharing with aunts, uncles and others who could help us fill in the blanks of those nameless faces of old.

So we built this platform on infinitely scalable cloud infrastructure, we preserved and protected the contents with the very best encryption and fault tolerance, then created a program to try and make simple the secure composure, storage, archival and sharing of such treasures. Last but not least we created mechanisms to mask the complexity of public-key encryption such that these and other as yet unlearned lessons can be inherited before or upon our passing.

So it all depends on how you look at it, over thirty years of computing technology fascination led us to these days that mark the commencement of this venture. VitalLock, born of lessons learned, over successes and failures, over optimism and pessimism, over peaks, over valleys. I’ve trusted in the grand organizing designer (GOD) to guide me to make best use of these blessings of experience so that others may see how subtly yet profoundly sacred, creations can overcome scared reactions.

What blessings do you have to share? With whom shall you share them? How much could they benefit from knowing how much you care? Only you can ever adequately express your love for another so why not now, why wait, don’t worry about “what if” rest assured in “knowing full well”. Get VitalLock, leave your loved ones with the stuff that matters, not just insurance but assurance. Tell them you love them, tell them it will be all-right.

Deepak Chopra, in his book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence, describes the Western trivialization of the word coincidence. Your not here by coincidence, you’re here by co-incidence. Your entire life’s path of incidences has led you here, to now, to me and my sacred creation.

So I ask, what path do you believe will be best to take to “get the word out”? Should I play into the obvious hand of human nature and ones scared reactions? or do I hope to have the ability to get the message of the importance of this sacred creation across? Insight appreciated…

NB The NSA didn’t like what we’d built, and in a dimly-lit clamorous Tyson’s Corner bar scene right out of a movie, bluntly said “Don’t ever fuck with us. Shut it down.” So I did.

To be continued…

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