Can care delivery safely accelerate to catch up to the frontiers of research?

“Today’s failing markets-driven ‘To the victor go the spoils.’ pathways are frankly unsustainable. We must pre-collaborate and create mechanism designs for sustainable NON-ZERO-sum gains protected with trusted compensating controls around liability and intellectual property.”

Robert E. Stewart Sr., CTO –

Lower the barriers to innovation through pre-competitive collaboration. Today.

You’ve been sold that ‘Automation of the existing may gain you some temporary relief.’ – and yet it hasn’t. And yet still, the spread between safe healthcare delivery today and today’s front-line clinical research is staggeringly worsening along a multiplicity of linear trajectories.

Enterprise-level shared road-mapping in the bio/tech/research discovery and deployment of state-of-the-art technologies, is required to leap the ever-widening and edge crumbling chasm you no doubt face present-moment.

There are now new and novel domain-space initiatives such as artificial intelligence and federated machine-interfaced learning systems, not to mention the impacts of quantum computing and distributed trust permissions ledgers, that, when strategically combined, can intrinsically reduce liabilities and ensure safety and quality via new smart-contract standards.

It takes vision to explore and execute. So if fixing this is your life’s mission too, we should talk now, as time is of the essence, to some patients, more so than others.

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