Technologist and visionary turned parallel entrepreneur specializing in building high-tech, high-scale, disruptive technology companies powered by 10x engineering teams that tackle the toughest problems first.

Helping, to solve complex healthcare delivery and medical research challenges, and improving peoples lives by applying technology and vision to deliver real-world long-term solutions with blockchain data gravity.

Years of experience in setting the technical and operational vision for every one of my projects have taught me that great companies start with having the best product; great products are built by A++ people, and great products attract great prospects, frictionless customer development and service to scale is what converts them into buyers, their sense of belonging then converts them to customers.

My life strength and love Alison.

Specialties: Systems Development Life Cycles, for; Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Identity, Biometrics, Digital Forensics, Physical & Cybersecurity, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, High-Performance IT Environment Architect, Technology Leadership Consulting, Interim CTO/CEO.

Here’s a fun link from 1994 to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine of my first Internet company VRmedia, which was Maine’s first B2B ISP focused on explaining why the Internet will be big one day, oh, and VRML based Virtual Reality.

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Thy Will Be Done