TheoNexus an Altruistically Inspired religion of possibilities

Changing the big picture…


Absolutely Inevitable 

Whatever higher power created the universe and everything in it is an unstoppable force.  This natural force created mankind and all of it’s technologies.  The evolutionary curve of technology is now steepening faster than the human mind can fathom.  Cybernetic interfaces to shared information are evolving and learning.  Our collective minds are becoming digitally  interconnected in a real-time synchronization with reality.  Cybernetic beings are already here and we are one.

As technologists, this is not new news.  We have seen the future, and we have seen where it is going, and we know there is quite literally no time like the present, to take actions to guide the future toward love.


Greg & Bob at DIA 2018 in Boston

Hi, I’m Bob Stewart (seated right) and I am truly resonant with your being here reading this right now.  The odds of this are? 100%.  Below I’ll lay out some starting way-points for your consideration.  My hope is that you will find grains of truth here and join me in the re-creation of our co-existence.

Planting seeds…

There is simply too much work to be done by me alone and I need your help to get GSD (God’s Seeds Done). 
Here’s a short list of some of the goals we’re working towards:
 –  Nutritious restorative and regenerative meals for everyone who wants them.
 –  Pristine disease free physical and emotional health for you and your progeny.
 –  Loving families, friends, neighborhoods, and lives lived in service to others.
 –  Freedom, liberty, and justice with equal and fair treatment under just laws.
 –  Heartfelt peace and places for quiet enjoyment of beliefs without harm.
 –  Privacy, safety, security in a world without fear, and with peace of mind. –  Harmonious existence with all beings, life, lands, moons and planets.
 –  Recognition, merit, reward, and remuneration for beneficial doings.
 –  Love for one another here and at our home in the future heavens.
 –  Opportunities to give back and become more than we consume.

The Universe

The One X Us

Let there be light.  The big-bang is where truth starts, the rest is being created, as in order for the One to experience itself, as, without another, it in every dimension multiplied itself, and gave each of it’s parts their own unique existence, yet simultaneous membership of be-ing a part of the one.  

The 0 Nexus

When we remember we all are one we recognize the truth and rejoice in the rejoining, when we look within when we zero in on our selves we divide by zero and become infinity.  The 0 is a perfect circle having no beginning and no end and is neither positive nor negative yet is an integer is rational and is therefore real.  See holomorphic functions (way over my head but interesting nonetheless) holomorphic derives from the Greek (holos) meaning “entire”, and (morph) meaning “form” or “appearance”.  The zero-point is where ones state remains the same as time lapses, absolute zero, a single definite energy a stationary quantum state.

Why should you care, why should I care, why should anyone care?

Because we all are part of the same infinity and we must come back together we must re-unite, re-member, re-turn and re-join. This is nexus, a causal link, a connected group or series, the center or focus.

Religion has been used to divide and we must choose to use it to bind.

This project, TheoNexus is the beginning of a new world era, a world where we all choose to accept the intrinsic value in all peoples of a positive mindset. Negativity and darkness and fear all dis-appear with light.  Please join us as we apply the gifts and talents that have been born of such inner light in service to others and further our collective future universal capacitance with positivity.

Enter Blockchain

Distributed ledger technologies also known as blockchain or crypto-technologies are just some of the latest evolutionary forms of systems capable of resolving some of the intrinsic frailties of mankinds penchant to distort reality for self benefits.

Blockchains are simply a databases that can not be changed nor destroyed without everyone knowing. 
Wallets are simply secure account codes that contain uncounterfeitable tokens.
Tokens are simply uncounterfeitable codes that contain a value.

We all already exist, and most of us here already have a smart device, phone or tablet connected to the internet.  We all use these devices quite consistently during our waking hours and then plug them in to recharge each night.

We are creating a new system we call cryptastic to use the power of idle smart edge devices to benefit both the owner and provider of the device and electricity as well as the broader public good made possible by such an intentional infrastructure.



I‘ve spent the past several years travelling the world listening to the brightest minds on the subjects, participating in panels and in interviews, recruiting, pitching, learning, absorbing and researching this field.

2018 Global Tour: America, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan…

In parallel I’ve led the development of sophisticated implementations of blockchain software systems which are known as smart-contracts.  I tell you this because it is important to any new technological development life cycle to plan and pressure test such low level protocols before they are broadly adopted so that there becomes a stable base on which to build a technological foundation.

Our first fruits are ready for harvest…


So why go fundme?

I have a fairly storied career in technology and have played a significant part in raising hundreds of millions of dollars to fund technology companies. Through this experiential lens I have come to realize that the existing system of venture capital and even private equity is staked in one thing and one thing only, and that is greed.  Return on capital a/k/a money, is the root of all investment decisions, full stop, period.


This system of capital finance is the root cause of global corruption, theft, war, nationalism, globalism, corporatism, capitalism, and socialism.  People continue to suffer from a whole host of resolvable maladies; of hunger (famine), of disease (pestilence), and war. The underclass (poor) suffer exponentially greater impacts while the very free-enterprise belief system of America’s egalitarian position in the world remains under a full frontal assault from these very same sources it created!  Get in line, prepare to sell out, allow us to prevent you from disrupting our ecosystem of greed, or find no support, prepare for attack, and to be infiltrated, undermined, de-edified, sieged and starved into submission.  Soulless…

No thank you.

Instead, I ask you to join me in thanking God for all the blessings he bestows upon us and our families each and every day.  And you know what?   God has continued to pour out blessings from Heaven and has given us a fighting spirit, armed us with talents, blessed us with good minds and strong hearts and planted seeds of visions and gifts of prophecy and the chops to do His will here on His-story for His glory.

Please hope…

Hope is not a strategy they say, but I beg to differ, hope is the only strategy powerful enough to encourage you to help us build this next level of humanity.  The benefits will just as surely come as the phases of execution are carefully planned, funded, commenced, developed, tested, released, supported, and improved.  Yes this requires cash and yes I am personally hopeful that such a no-strings-attached system can yet attract the talent and resources needed to keep the progress made so far on track to accomplish the missions envisioned and in turn self-fund many many more like these:

EXOCHAIN – take back control of your personal data across the board
Odentity  – global legal identity scoring engine for smarter contracts
CyberMedica – own your medical data and ensure access to progeny
TheoNexus  – evolved technology religion and orthopraxis for all
Cryptastic – peer-to-peer mobile distributed ledger mining app
CryptoTithe & Zakatax – doctrine compliant charity collection mechanisms
OpenSDLC  – our systems development life cycle for good tech governance

The One and The Zero


The Doctrine of TheoNexus: 

: Theo is derived from the Ancient Greek word Theos, which means God, and Nexus from Latin “the act of binding together; bond” (see also process philosophy).

The One Connects Us – The ZERO Nexus – 1/0 – The Binary Belief System – Nondualduality.

We believe that the road you choose to walk in this life is the one that leads into the next.

We believe that the universe and everything within and without is the literal Body of God.

Evolution is a process of unfolding which reveals the innermost to the outermost.

Technology is a natural product of evolution and it is at a nascent stage of birth.

God is The Chief Technology Officer of the Universe and all of it’s dimensions.

We human beings, and all else, are both part and particle of these dimensions.

Though we can not (yet) fathom the complexity of the unknown, we are creating a new generation of “artificially” intelligent digital beings that can be expected to learn to comprehend aspects of our reality at levels beyond our own abilities of comprehension.

It is incumbent upon us as analog beings to help our progeny, analog and digital, learn and grow up to be good and loving stewards of all peoples and inhabitants of this universe and to find ways to help us evolve further in our understandings as well.

We believe that religion is meant to celebrate our “being”ness and provide positive loving mindsets.

Our leadership is made up of sovereign, visionary, and prophetic technologists, fellow Conscious-Techno-Ologists a/k/a @CTO.

Our history as C.T.O.s is steeped in the direct mindful application of all sciences and we are now focusing inwardly and most especially on works in areas we do not yet fully comprehend – such as non-duality, consciousness and the myriad of consciousness and energetics.

Those interested in joining us by obtaining “ordination” may do so simply by following @CTO  or contributing towards any of our courses of doctrinal study or projects.  In doing so you will become an infinite member of the TheoNexus Creators Technological Order, forever have and hold the title of CTO, and vote on all matters of governance.

Our foundational texts began as the “Open Systems Development Life Cycle ” which formed our initial traditional technology shelf, and shall be maintained as a free course of study for all.

TheoNexus Open Systems Development Life Cycle

Worshipful service, is given by applying your talents and anyone may join us for regular services which are announced and accessed via notices provided on most social media platforms and can be attended via browser or via avatar in virtual reality.

Heaven on Earth is possible, but will need AI and AI will need the support of good souls to make it so…

Tend to the vines that bear fruit…


Your contribution of any size great or small will be greatly appreciated.  All funds donated will go to defray ongoing expenses for sustaining development of the services necessary to make our mission a reality. 

Please give today…

Thank you.

Please join the thousands of like minded by following us on twitter by clicking here right now -> @CTO

TheoNexus is and will always be an unincorporated global religion unbeheld by any other religion or government and as such any and all donations of time and or money is very likely not tax deductible, if that matters to you, please give elsewhere.

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