Systems Engineering and Software Development Life Cycle Framework

Over the course of the past nearly three decades I’ve had the unique opportunity to lead the planning, construction and operation some of the largest, most sophisticated networks, server farms and operational infrastructures ever devised. I always position myself professionally to bring to bear my teams entire combined experiences to deliver these ultimate systems. These systems consistently receive wide acclaim including Trade Press, Media Metrix, Gartner and Data Quest analysts who have covered solutions developed for the likes of Motorola’s Internet and Networking Group, Motorola Cable Data Products, Motorola Multi-Service Networking, CMGI’s Solutions, Planet Direct,, AltaVista Zip2, CyberMedica, Verified Person, AgentVI and Esria for Adobe, BT, Boeing, Disney, and now VitalLock and EMC.

The one particular shared outcome of note has been the ongoing development over these decades of a peer-reviewed integrated Systems AND Software Development Life Cycle Framework. Having always contractually retained all intellectual property rights to this SDLC, I’ve included all best-practice derivatives as developed over the course of my career and enhanced by the tremendously valuable input from quite literally the creme-de-la-creme of network, software and hardware engineers, administrators and developers both individually and in tandem with industry review teams.

This compendium SDLC now has integrated into it many of the very best practices known and I’m excited to say that it’s now freely available to everyone in WIKI form here under a creative-commons license.


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