Much of my education came from failure.

When I went to work for my father’s publishing business I remember after several years once demanding him to pay me what my experience was worth, and his stinging retort.  Bob, your experience was gained at my expense, no sound businessman will ever pay you what your experience is worth as that flies in the face of them making a profit from your effort.  Furthermore, if you want to become more valuable you’ll need to learn to ascend to the point of gaining wisdom. Do you understand the difference between experience and wisdom?  I stared back blankly… Experience is what you get by making mistakes and learning from them, wisdom is what you have by learning from others experiences what not to do in the first place. Wisdom costs time and so you’ll have to learn that when you lose to experience, don’t lose the lessons. I am now wise(er) and I know I am a force multiplier. Please reach out at any time, I live to serve. V/r -Bob.

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Scared Reaction or Sacred Creation

There in the sepia toned photos stood relatives of some import. I quickly flip each photo to garner some faded hen-scratched insight as to who was standing there and why had my ancestors thought enough of these folk as to save their light reflections as such. How disappointing to find no or illegible writings, certainly I share their underlying genotypical code and obviously their phenotypical expressions, but just how much of their wisdom their essence their being do I reflect? I feel for them, unknown, in a bundle, in a box, in a closet.