"Today's failing markets-driven ‘To the victor go the spoils.’ pathways are frankly unsustainable. We must pre-collaborate and create mechanism designs for sustainable NON-ZERO-sum gains protected with trusted compensating controls around liability and intellectual property."

Robert E. Stewart Sr., Chief Technology Officer & Member of the Board of Directors The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety [ACRESGlobal.org] Tweet

Safe acceleration of geo and geno diverse pre-screened cohorts committed to a mission. A mission to intersect and perpetuate real-time discovery productization of new and in some cases unknowable event-horizon-level discoveries from the self same and ever-expanding frontier of tele-biometry fueled medical research guided by AI driven lambda-targeted outcomes. Oh, and the legal rights to monetize the same. Ready.

Imagine if there were ways to lower intrinsic barriers to innovation through non-rivalrous collaboration… Today.

We’ve been sold that automation of existing best practices will gain you some temporary relief, – and yet it hasn’t. Yet still, the widening gulf between today’s safe healthcare delivery and the frontier of non-linear clinical research event-horizons, is worsening along a multiplicity of equally non-linearly accelerating trajectories. Precision AI guided personalized functional immuno-therapeutic protocols of the future will crave permissioned access to lineage dominant and recessive pheno geno typical targeting input data across a multitude of diverse research cohort both prospectively and retrospectively.

Man alone can not keep up with the complexity of a 10^80th power challenge to understand the “junk”. Deciphering the junk will not be decoded by slide-rule. Artificial Intelligence guided enterprise-level shared road-mapping in the bio/tech/research discovery and deployment of state-of-the-art geospatial technologies, are what’s required to leap the ever-widening and edge crumbling chasm you no doubt face present-moment. This is how to 1000X.

There are now new and novel domain-space initiatives such as artificial intelligence and federated machine-interfaced learning systems, being impacted by quantum computing and distributed-trust permission ledgers, that, when strategically combined, can intrinsically reduce liabilities while ensuring safety and quality via next-generation smarter smart-contract standards. Read that again, and let it soak in. Your customers, lawyers, and financiers insist.

It takes broad vision just to explore let alone execute, and if fixing this paradox is part of your life’s mission, we must talk. Time is of the essence, to bottom line, and to some patients, more so than others, and that’s the real bottom line, isn’t it? Everyone’s an orphan till now.

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